Hiya. My name is Chelsea and I am a millennial living in beautiful Northeastern Pennsylvania (re: The Office). I am a clinical social worker and therapist, specializing in trauma and viewing the world through systems theory. I’m a woman of simple dreams and aspirations- I hope to better the world by spreading love through each interaction and help people cultivate greater self awareness. Wherever life takes me I hope to keep an open, curious and compassionate heart and brain.

I love good conversation, so please don’t hesitate to challenge me on my views and opinions. I think the best way to learn is from fully exploring an idea from all sides.

Things I love: my dog (named Wilco), my husband, contemplating the big questions of life, making music with Great Wave and A Fire With Friends,  tea, meditation, reading, learning, and yoga.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. We may or may not share points of view. But expressimg ideas the with forethought and consideration is refreshing.

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    • Mr. Bojarksi, This is my goal of the blog. I love that people with other views read my blog and challenge my thinking! I think this is the best way for creating true knowledge and understanding! Thanks for reading!


  2. Mike Takac says:

    Relative to your mission as “an advocate of social justice,” perhaps you may find the following research interesting:


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