Monthly Archives: July 2016

Happy Birthday, to my Awesome Dad

My dad is awesome. He turned 75 years old yesterday which is crazy. He’s the smartest, kindest, and insightful person I know and I hope that I can be half the person he is.


me and my pops

He’s gone through so much trauma and heavy shit, more than anyone I know, and still is the most loving and kind person I know. He told me that that the reason for life is to love as much as possible and experience as much joy as possible. Seems pretty legit to me.

He raised me, and raised me to not be an asshole, and for this I am forever grateful. He’s the person I get to have the best political and life conversations with. He has always taught me to keep an open mind and to treat everyone with as much kindness as possible. He always told me that I could be whatever I wanted to be when I grew up, and when I asked to take piano lessons at 6 years old, he allowed it. I’m so grateful for this and that he dealt with listening to a little girl practice piano… because I’m sure that was probably headache inducing.


Anyways, this is his mail from one day and all the charitable organizations he contributes to. He’s a 75 year old single while man, and this is what he cares about. I admire my dad the most out of anyone in the world, and anyone who has met him can understand why.


So happy birthday dad. Thanks for being really wonderful and not letting me grow up to suck.