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Jeb Bush’s “Scarlet Letter” Law

Jeb Bush

House Act 151, enacted under Jeb Bush, publicly shames and humiliates single pregnant women who are putting their child up for adoption by making them publish a notice in a local news paper, one time a week for a month, which details where they conceived the child incase the father might want to raise the child instead of adoptive parents… wtf.

I don’t understand how Jeb Bush has a chance to win the Republican nomination. I realize that he is part of the Bush dynasty, and this birthright seems to have persuaded the public that he is a shoo in, at least for the nomination if not the election as well, but I’m praying that America will see through his early campaign and realize how dangerous another Bush in office will be.

The “Scarlet Letter” law that he allowed to pass in 2001 is a violation of women’s rights. NPR’s article on this legislation somewhat tried to defend Bush by emphasizing that he did not sign the bill and had changes to it before it was in effect, BUT THIS DOESN’T MATTER. It’s not the INTENT that matters, it’s the fact that he ALLOWED House Bill 141 to pass.

I’m exhausted of all these right-wing nut jobs painting their tired, oppressing, sexist, and demeaning views and trying to paint them over as “family values”. Making a pregnant women publish an ad, on her own dime, weekly for a month, explaining where her sexual encounter was and when in order for the father to possibly come running to be the stand up dad of the year is barbaric. Even under the guise of better adoption policies this article doesn’t make sense. How many men go around checking with every woman they’ve slept with if they have a child? My hypothesis is zero to none. Maybe the conversation on family values should be how to make the adoption process easier for parents wanting to adopt, or re-imagine what a “nuclear” family household looks like in 2015 and focus more on empowering, and not stigmatizing, single parent households.

If Bush’s super PAC, the Right to Rise, gives him enough money (now Jeb’s campaign isn’t so sure they’ll be able to raise the 100 MILLION expected) to put him in office, I’m seriously worried as a young women what our country will look like and how much of my liberty and rights I can expect to be compromised.

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first blog post

I’ve always viewed blogs as somewhat narcissistic, and in all honesty I’m surprised that I took the jump to start my own. Perhaps I am just being egotistical thinking that other people may be interested in reading what I have to say. If anyone relates to any of my future ramblings then that would be pretty neat. If no one reads this, and it just goes down as one more fingerprint I’m leaving in the internet database then so be it.